This album is dedicated to my nan Gloria who sadly passed away on the 27th June 2016. She was a wonderful woman who gave me the strength and determination to make my dreams a reality.


I'd like to give extra special thanks to a few people:

Alan Silvester for his astonishing images and unbelievable generosity.

Dom Hilbrink for the mastering and song development.

Alex Goodall for his graphics and web design.

My partner Tasha for being my biggest fan and helping to keep me sane.

My mother Victoria for her overwhelming support.

My aunty Charlotte for introducing me to electronic music in the first place – this is all your fault!

And finally Adam Kay for his endless support and musical adaptability.


Also thanks to:

M.C Escher, Rut Blees Luxemburg, Alan 'Reni' Wren and The Stone Roses,, Martin Hannett, John Leckie, Mike Skinner, Harry Callahan, New Brutalism, UK Mondo, and one final thanks to technology because it enables me to write music without a real band!







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